Yeah! :D I got my Secret Santa gift finished, and I got another gift done too. ewe

Theres basically no-one on dA right now. D: Kayla got off a little while ago, and Gregs been flicking on and off for a while now. //dies

Theyre doing this buy-one-get-one-free type thing on dA, where if you buy a premium membership for someone else, youll get the same amount for yourself free. uvu Andy recently said he misses his PM, so I bought him one earlier, and now weve both got one for a month. xD Ive only got 620 points left now, and unless I can get some commissions thats probably all Im going to have for a while, aha.

Anyway, its almost ten to eleven PM, and theres still nobody on, so Im probably just going to get off for tonight. //shot

Ill be on tomorrow. ^^

Good night guys! ewe